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Casa della Vita

Djursland - The land of animals

Djursland really means the land of animals and with the extensive nature there is space and room for many kind of animals. It is also reflected by the lot of wildlife resorts which are here, so you have the possibility to experience the aninmals both in the wild nature as well a the more exotic animals in the wildlife resorts. The landscape is very varied from something thats reminds us of the magnificent nature and animal life in Canada to the mountains of Southern Europe on a small scale. You can choose to be in the towns among people, art and culture or you can choose to be totally by yourself at the seaside, in the small mountains, in the beautiful woods or just sitting there enjoying the landscape. Here is all what your heart can desire. There are small southern villages as well as bigger commercial towns. During the winter there is more quiet here , but when spring is comming the first signs are the motor cykles and the caravans on the roads together with the flowers in the roadside. Then we know it is spring. During the sommertime there is a stream of turists on the roads as well as in the towns, it is swarming with life all over the area, but never more than there is space for everyone. Beeing in Djursland is to be close to the forces of nature no matter what time of year you are her. Here is something for both children, young and older people and whatever you would like to see and experience.


Per og Ulla Sørensen

In the galleri you can see more pictures from the area and what it has to offer you l Ulla Sørensen l tlf. 22470943 l Kalkværksvej 8, Rosmus, 8444 Balle