Casa della Vita
Casa della Vita

Who am I ?

My name is Ulla Sørensen, and for many years I had a dream about creating my own place in Italy, apperently it was not ment to be, but put me on the track to my little Italy here in Djursland. In the hills of Mols, you can actually find a sign with the text " The Italian path" and in that area it is like walking in the italian nature.

I am passionated about creating a place - an environment which can be usefull for others. A new possibility for a stay or holiday here in Djursland with what I can offer.

I completely fell i love with Djursland and it has become much more than Italy, the area contains the essence of many places we have visited around Europe. So I compare Grenå with Naples and Ebeltoft with The Spanish Coast. The area also reminds us of Canada, I think beacause I have never been there and it also contains the mistery you can find in the South of England.

Most of my life I have lived in the middle of Jylland, but I decided when the children moved out from home my time had come to move on too.



I am looking forward to welcome you in the Oasis of life and contribute so you can have a good experience here in Denmark l Ulla Sørensen l tlf. 22470943 l Kalkværksvej 8, Rosmus, 8444 Balle