Casa della Vita
Casa della Vita

The Oasis of Life just in the middle of different kinds of possibilities for activities.........

The position of the Oasis of Life opens op for a lot of possibilities:

Outside the door you can go for a walk or bicycle on the small roads in the contryside.

Within 5-10 km you can go fishing, try to make candles, visit wildlife resorts and estates, have a taste of fresh brewed beer, a walk at the little mountain called Jernhatten with a great view.

Take a trip to the idyllical village of Ebeltoft with the museums also with modern art of glass and the old houses with streets of pavement, jazz at the market place every Saturday during the sommer and the night watchmen ind the streets. Or you can go shopping in the more commercial town of Grenå with the Kattegatcenter, the old mill and the fine beach. You can get to both within a radius of 16 km.

In a radius of about 20 km you can see a lot of small idyllical villages in both Norddjurs and Syddjurs, more wildlife resorts and estates, Djurs Sommerland, the cliffs of Sangstrup, the little harbour of Bønnerup, the beach of Gjerrild. The mountains of Mols with the ruin of Kalø castle and the possibility to sail in canoe in Allingåbro. A lot of local farmers selling their products. Local galleries and the unique round church in Thorsager, the only one in Jylland and a lot of others small uniques churches placed in the contry side. The monument of antiquity in Tustrup. l Ulla Sørensen l tlf. 22470943 l Kalkværksvej 8, Rosmus, 8444 Balle